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Project Planning, Design & Drafting

Project Planning, AutoCAD Drafting, Power System Design, Cost Estimates, Feasibility Study & Equipment Procurement

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Human Safety, Arc Flash Study & Mitigation

Short Circuit, Device Duty Evaluation, Device Coordination & Arc Flash Hazard Assessment

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Advanced Power Systems Studies

Complex Studies Including Transients, EMT, Harmonics, Volt-Var Optimization, Substation Ground Grid & DC Systems

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Grid Interconnection Application, Design & Study (CAISO T&D)

Application for Rule-21 & WDAT, Interconnection and Renewable System Design & Cluster/Fast Track Studies

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Power System Monitoring & Recording

Short & Long Term Power Monitoring, Harmonic Survey & Recording

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Power system Testing

Relay, Cable, Transformer, Switchgear, Panel, Breaker, Switch, Ground Fault (GFI) & Grounding System Testing

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Microgrid Management System Design, Analysis & Integration

Voltage, Frequency & Optimal Demand Management, Situational Intelligence, Load/Generation Forecast & Integrated SCADA, ADMS and DERMs

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Smart Energy Management System Solution

Automatic Generation Control, Unit Commitment, Interchange Schedule, Economic Dispatch, Load Forecasting & Reserve Management

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Intelligent Generation Control & Load Shedding Integration

Centralized & Demand Side Management, Smart Control, Optimal Preservation, Faster than PLC Load Shedding

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Control System Design, PLC Programming & Integration

Control System Design, BOM, PLC Programming , Troubleshooting, System Commissioning, Acceptance Test & Integration

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Relay Programming & Asset Management

Relay Programming Management, Maintenance Plan, Dashboard & Notification, Automatic Processing & NERC compliance Summary Reporting

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Smart Power System Management & Integration

Intelligent Monitoring, Event Playback, Load Forecasting, Predictive Simulation, Energy Accounting & Data Acquisition

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Operator Training & Simulation

Avoid Unplanned Outages, Reduce Start-up & Commission Times & Evaluate Operator Awareness,

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Government & Defense

Generation & Offshore Plants

Data Centers

Schools & Universities

Water Treatment Plants

Grids & Utility Systems

High-Rise Buildings

Municipalities & Transportation

Oil & Gas Industry

Nuclear Plants

Factories & Manufacturers


University of Louisiana - Lafayette, LA

Microgrid System Integration & Real-Time Monitoring

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Air Force Base - Vandenberg, CA

Device Duty Evaluation & Coordination

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Accurate Structural Inc. - Yucaipa, CA

5MW BESS Interconnection to SDG&E

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Naval Base - San Diego, CA

Power System Design Evaluation

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LAPD 911 Call Center - Los Angeles, CA

PLC Troubleshooting & System Fault on Siemens CPU

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Metropolitan Transportation Authority - Los Angeles, CA

Power System Design Evaluation & Arc Flash

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Tennessee Valley Authority - Knoxville, TN

DC System Modeling & Evaluation

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Naval Air Weapon Station - China Lake, CA

Substation Short Circuit, Coordination & Arc Flash

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Disney Studios - Glendale, CA

Coordination & Safety Arc Flash Studies

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Rio-Tinto - Port of LA, CA

Electrical Onelines Drafting & Update

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ZADCO Offshore Plant - UAE

Generation Plant Transient Stability Study

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Highland Park School - Monterey Park, CA

Ground Resistance & Continuity Testing

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