Aera energy Refinery
Bakersfield, CA


  • The base model was inaccurate and not validated  
  • Electrical system needed to be prepared for the advanced studies such as Transient, Harmonics and Protection

Solution: "Establishing a Reliable Base Model for Transient, Protection and Harmonics Analysis"

  • Site visit all major substations for possible unknown issues or data which has not been provided or documented 
  • Validated entire loadings, transmission lines, transformers and tap settings and generators' settings
  • Validated power flow study against the benchmarks and available SCADA metering from the substations  
  • Setup multiple loading/generation scenarios to validate the system against the utility recorded metering
  • Prepare the model for "Grid Code Compliance" study
  • Prepare the model for the "Protective Device Coordination" study
  • Prepare the model for the "System Stability" study