B.Braun Medical
Irvine, CA


  • Customer was concerned about the stability of two Co-Generators on site when tie to utility was lost
  • All the data and results were recorded in excel spreadsheets
  • No valid model of the power system existed in the modern analysis tools
  • No validation of the load flow study

Solution: "Maintaining the Stability of the System"

  • Electrical system was accurately modeled
  • Power flow results were accurately validated with the existing benchmarks and field measurements  
  • Two Co-Generators were modeled with their dynamic parameters including exciter/governor
  • Multiple scenarios were created to study the stability of the system
  • Stability limits of the generators w/o the utility were studies
  • Customer was provided with the full report including graphs, tabular results, observed issues and recommendations
  • Customer took advantage of the transient stability study as the basis for implementing intelligent load shedding and smart automation of their electrical system later on