Occidental Petroleum  (OXY)
Permian Basin, TX


  • No system in place to provide real-time electrical info in a distribution oil field
  • Having trouble displaying results & pin-pointing overloaded / faulted equipment
  • No validation of the load flow / short circuit results 


  • Modeled the entire oil field distribution system using GIS technology (Geographical Information System)
  • Utilized the latest Multi-Speak data exchange standard to migrate the data from "Milsoft" to "ETAP" program
  • Validated the load flow and short circuit results using the existing benchmarks 
  • Corrected voltage and power factor issues with sizing and proper capacitors 
  • Communicating data over cellular network to identify de-energized / overloaded equipment 
  • Allow alarm viewing and warnings on mobile device 
  • Provide customer with daily and weekly load forecasting report