ZADCO Offshore Plant


  • Unreliable system due to very old generators onsite
  • Replacement of the old generators with three (3) new medium voltage generators each
  • Needed comprehensive power system study for the generation plant including three new generators alongside the three older generators
  • Optimize electrical power management
  • Provide load shedding to protect critical operating equipment

Solution: "Comprehensive Power Systems Analysis & Automation"

  • Modeling the entire offshore generation plant
  • Dynamic modeling of all the existing and new generators including exciters, governors and PSS
  • Dynamic modeling of all the large motors / pumps affecting the stability of the system 
  • Performed "Power Flow" study and validating all the possible scenarios against the existing benchmarks
  • Performed "Short Circuit" study and "Device Evaluation" for worst case scenario faults
  • Performed protection evaluation and "Protective Device Coordination" including the medium / low voltage networks
  • Performed "Transient Stability" with all the possible scenarios and generators/system impacts to determine the stability limits of the machines
  • Set all the under/over frequency and power relays along with the voltage constraint relays
  • Equipped the customer with the "Power System Management" and "Intelligent Load Shedding