Advanced Power Systems Studies

SMAART POWER engineering teams are ready to take on your projects and deliver the highest quality services. Just reach out to us and tell us your needs. We will provide our assistance and expertise to identify the issue as quick as possible and solve the issues. 

SMAART POWER versatile engineers are able to assist you with a variety of services such as modeling and analysis of the complex systems listed as follows:

  • Power flow, voltage impact and power factor correction

  • Generator and rotor angle Stability analysis

  • Distributed energy resources (DER) analysis

  • Transients and stability of inverters 

  • Dynamic model of inverters, governors, exciters and electronic units 

  • Insulation Coordination (EMT)

  • Breaker Transient Recovery Voltage (TRV)

  • Capacitor Switching Studies 

  • Fast Bus Transfer 

  • Distance protection and impedance relays 

  • Motor Acceleration and voltage impact 

  • Harmonics, inter-harmonics & Mitigation 

  • Voltage Stability analysis 

  • Ground Grid Survey & Study

  • Dynamic Parameter Estimation for machines 

  • Generator start-Up

  • Transient effect of load addition and reduction on generation 

  • Volt-Var Optimization

  •  Switching Optimization Analysis

  • Contingency analysis  

SMAART POWER utilizes power system programs depending on customer's requirements such as:

  • ETAP

  • PTW (SKM)

  • EasyPower

  • PSS/E



  • Neplan 

  • CYME

  • CAPE

  • DIgSilent


  • Sim-Grid

  • Powerworld