Grid Interconnection Application, Design & Study (CAISO T&D)

SMAART POWER is proud to provide engineering services contributing to the modern and green energies.

SMAART POWER has a team of expert professional engineers experienced with submitting grid interconnection applications as well as supporting the customers with the entire process of design and complex studies required for interconnection (CAISO Fast Track, Cluster Study).

We can assist you through the whole process from the start to the end and provide our support when needed. Let SMAART POWER engineers help expediting the process of application since we are very familiar with the following utility companies:

  • Southern California Edison (SCE)

  • Pacific Gas & Energy (PG&E) 

  • San-Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) 

The process of interconnection studies with the utilities are normally time consuming with a lot of delays since there are many applications pending and there are limited resources from the utility companies to perform the required complex studies resulting in extra charges from their side to the customers. SMAART POWER can support the customers to expedite the study process and lower the cost of the studies in a reasonable time.

Services that SMAART POWER provides to the customers throughout the design and construction phases include: 

  • IPP application submittal

  • As build drawing

  • PV solar layout 

  • Single line diagrams 

  • Breaker protection design

  • RTU Connection

  • DC Schematic drawings

  • Breaker panel layout

  • Wiring diagram 

  • Grounding study 

  • Bill of material for substation and/or grounding 

  • Generator transformer protection 

  • Fence Design 

  • Static and dynamic model for IPP studies 

  • Substation physical layout 

  • P&C drawing for utility interconnection 

  • Utility application submittal

  • Meeting with the utility for interconnection process

  • PV feeder design and inverter drawing 

  • Conduit drawing 

  • Grounding drawing and layout 

  • IPP application model to CAISO

  • Coordinate PV/BESS with manufacturing

  • Metering drawing for CAISO and/or utility interconnection

  • Review PV/BESS with manufacturing drawing and approval

  • Support IPP contract agreement

  • Support utility RAS requirements if needed

  • Support utility interconnection meetings as needed

  • On-site engineering support utility interconnection process