Human Safety, Arc Flash Study & Mitigation

The purpose of the arc flash study is evaluating safety by assessing the electric hazards exposed to the workers by the energized equipment. 

Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) will be determined as part of the process of the study and arc flash labels shall be posted on the electrical equipment showing possible exposure of electrical shock and energy present to the workers.  

SMAART POWER engineers can utilize different software and calculating techniques depending on client's preference or requirements.

Short Circuit Device Duty Evaluation

SMAART POWER provides short circuit and device duty evaluation analysis required for electrical devices including breakers, fuses, switchgears, panels, MCCs, etc. ensuring they are adequately sized at the time of a fault.  

Latest ANSI/IEEE (C37 & UL 489) and IEC standards are being utilized to conduct short circuit device evaluation study. 

Protective Device Coordination Study 

SMAART POWER ensures to utilize the latest standards and requirements for proper coordination of the protective devices for low/medium/high voltage systems including:

  • Radial electrical systems including distribution systems

  • Looped systems including transmission systems 

Arc Flash Study & Mitigation

Latest IEEE-1584/NEC standards are used to calculate incident energies, shock hazards, distance from energized equipment and determining PPE.

Variety of scenarios depending on the topology of the electrical system including stand-by power shall be conducted in order to find worst case scenario of incident energies. 

SMAART POWER provides recommendations to mitigate the arc flash results with a variety of solutions depending on the application including:

  • Adjustment of the protective device settings 

  • Differential relaying & protection 

  • Remote racking of breakers 

  • Utilizing equipment with reduction maintenance

  • Zone selective interlocking 

  • High resistance grounding 

  • Electronic trip units 

  • Arc flash relay 

  • Bypass isolation automatic ATS 

  • Current limiting devices 

  • High & low impedance transformers

Proper arc flash stickers will be generated to be posted on the electrical equipment. The information shown on the arc flash label and its size can be custom designed or modified based on the client's requirements. 

Safety & Arc Flash Training

SMAART POWER provides safety and arc flash training per the latest NFPA standards. We provide on-site physical training as well as remote online training for our customers with designated number of attendees in each class. We also provide booklets for the safety training.