Advanced Power System Studies (Video)

  • Load Flow, Power Factor Correction and System Planning 

  • Short Circuit, Device Evaluation& Open-Phase Faults 

  • Protective Device Coordination, Selective Coordination & Series Ratings

  • AC & DC Arc Flash and Mitigation Techniques with the latest Standard (IEEE-2018)

  • Power Quality Measurements, Harmonics including Inter-harmonics& Filter Sizing 

  • Motor Startup Impact, Acceleration Analysis & Motor Parameter Estimation 

  • Transient Stability, Generator Startup & Dynamic Parameter Estimation & Tuning 

  • Capacitor Sizing & Placement 

  • Ground Grid Survey, Design & Study with IEEE 80/81 and/or Finite Element Method

  • Contingency Analysis

  • Renewable Energy, Storage & Grid Connection (Voltage & Frequency Ride-Through)