Microgrid Management System Design, Analysis & Integration

SMAART POWER engineering team provides smart microgrid management solution comprising of design, analysis, test and integration with real-time monitoring, SCADA and customized web-based HMIs.

Microgrid management is a smart solution combined with the art of system visualization with user-friendly interface for scripting and logic customization. 

The commercial, industrial, utility systems as well as research institutes highly benefit from this smart, customizable and adaptive solution. The solution integrates with all components such as CoGen, Solar, BESS, Chillers, etc. to manage load/generation in a cost effective manner.

Some of the applications and benefits of the MG solution and smart controller:

  • Dispatch energy resources

  • Transition to islanded mode 

  • Microgrid black start

  • Supervisory control during islanded mode

  • Seamless integration of DERs

  • Improve the stability of system by supporting the frequency and voltage of the grid at PCC

  • Provide grid management functions

  • Capacity balancing of Load vs. Generation

  • Demand Management including fast Load Shedding, automatic generation control